Become a surrogate

and change lives.

Bring dreams to life by becoming a surrogate and earn up to $95,000 in compensation + benefits.

Give the gift of family.

As a surrogate you give hope to those unable to have a child and build their dream family. Couples and individuals turning to surrogates have often struggled with infertility for years, or are same-sex couples that know they need third-party fertility services.

When you decide to become a surrogate with A Perfect Match, you’re giving a gift unlike any other, while receiving compensation to help you achieve your personal goals.

How to become a surrogate

with A Perfect Match, Inc.

Join one of the most established and reputable agencies and give the gift of life to those unable to conceive while receiving full support and care from a team committed to helping you.

Ruth Crane

Surrogate Intake Coordinator -

A Perfect Match, Inc.

1x surrogate

Complete your application

Apply to be a surrogate by completing our online application. Once completed, our intake coordinator and 1x surrogate Ruth Crane will contact you to tell you more about our program in detail.

Qualification & Prescreening

Surrogates candidates are carefully prescreened per our in-house agency requirements, which include a profile, previous birth and delivery records, OB clearance, psychological evaluation and a background check.

The perfect match

Our goal is to find the perfect match between you and your intended parents based on mutual interest and agreements, with the hope of forming a special and successful relationship.

Qualifications & requirements.

Your health is our primary concern. To make your journey with A Perfect Match as positive as possible please make sure you meet our criteria.

U.S Citizen

Age 21 - 38

Body Mass Index (BMI) below 32

At least 1 healthy, uncomplicated

pregnancy and birth

No drinking, smoking and drug consumption

No psychiatric or illegal medication

Physically and psychologically


Strong support network of family

and friends

Not receiving government

financial assistance

Reliable transportation for


We are based in California and accept applicants from the following States:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and Washington.

“We believe every surrogate deserves to be with an experienced, professional and caring agency that can offer individualized matching services and help her enjoy the surrogate journey. We hope A Perfect Match will become your chosen agency! ”

Darlene Pinkerton

Founder & CEO - A Perfect Match, Inc.

Parent through surrogacy

Compensation & benefits.

As a surrogate with A Perfect Match you will be paid a comprehensive and generous compensation for your selflessness. This includes a base compensation, payments before, during, and after pregnancy, and additional benefits from your intended parents and our agency.

First time surrogate in California: $65,000

First time surrogate outside California: $55,000

Allowances and benefits: extra $30,000

You can earn anywhere between $85,000 - $95,000 by becoming a surrogate with us.

Housekeeping and child care allowance

Lost wages

Pregnancy bonuses

Retreats & gifts

Wellness counseling

All expenses paid

Words from our surrogates.

Find out why surrogates choose A Perfect Match as their agency for a life-changing journey.

Susan Merritt

Surrogate Case Manager - A Perfect Match, Inc.

3x surrogate

Why choose us.

We have been blessed with a personal connection to surrogacy: Founder & CEO Darlene Pinkerton had a child through surrogacy and those who assist her and are involved in supporting our surrogates have been surrogates themselves. One of the very first children ever born through gestational surrogacy is one of our staff members. We know firsthand how life-changing surrogacy is for all those who are a part of the surrogacy journey. It is our desire that every surrogate in our program feels like she is a part of our family.

Kaitlin Pinkerton-Locher

CFO/COO - A Perfect Match, Inc.

3rd child in the world born through surrogacy

Matching surrogates with intended parents since 1999

Your well-being is our top priority

Passionate and caring staff with first-hand, personal experiences

A community of support and friendship

High professional & ethical standards

Highly rated by intended parents

Apply today.

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San Diego, CA 92108

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